The 7th Annual Furry Scurry Silent Auction Kicks Off TONIGHT!

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Each year, InVINtions, A Creative Winery hosts a silent auction to benefit the Dumb Friends’ League and for its Furry Scurry Team to increase pledges to benefit the animals in the League’s care!!

This year, the silent auction will be on-line and in the winery for the ENTIRE month of April!!  In addition, we will be featuring all the INCREDIBLE items on-line several times a day.  You can find these features on our Facebook page!

Here’s how it works: Anyone can bid on or donate Silent Auction Items, the silent auction will run at InVINtions, A Creative Winery (and on-line) through the month of April, and the purchase price of the item goes directly to the Dumb Friends’ League as part of the Furry Scurry event!  Get on-line and bid on great items… it is a month long shopping spree leading up to Mother’s Day!!  There are always a plethora of GREAT ITEMS to bid on…

Last year, we raised nearly $11,000.00 for the League, just during the silent auction!  Our goal for 2017 is $20,000.00 raised in the Silent Auction!

 Shop on-line this year – CLICK HERE NOW
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Click the Image to Enlarge the Information Above

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